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On a generally rubbish day some gems that stood out: My new family, good comedy times, explaining the plan, praying about the plan, laughing and glad to be part of the whole shebang. Writing down the plan making me excited about it all over again. Glad of a God who loves me anyway. Coming home to Lizzi, wine and cake.


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Talking about the brilliant hope we have. Seeing some people smile and seem to really get it. Popping in on Mum and Dad on the way home for more hugs and fun. Home to the other family, good food, wine and more fun.

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One day, one day we will walk in the sun, there will be no more tiredness, pain, grumpiness, frustration, longings, fears or uncertainty. We will have our tears wiped away, we will know for sure, and we will be at peace. One day we will know as we are known now. One day we will stand face to face with our Maker. One day we will be welcomed home with big fat steak and the finest of wine, and we will be at peace. One day.

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Spending most of the day pondering Hope. Sensible decisions. Home to housemates, chili, Black Books and wine. Mmmmm.

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