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1. Go for a storming bike ride on the South Downs (insert your own place of special beauty), marvel at the pretty clouds, sunshine and freezing cold wind ripping through your body.

2. Make soup. Squash, orange and ginger soup. Fry an onion, cut up some squash and make some vegetable stock, cut up a bit of ginger, bung it all in a pan with a cup of orange juice and leave to simmer for 40 min. Blend and enjoy.

3. Make beer bread, even easier than the soup. Take 15oz of self raising flour, sift it and mix it with a can of beer (about 375ml), add a tablespoon of sugar and a tea spoon of salt, bung it in the oven at 190 degrees for about 50 min. Enjoy with soup. Mmm.

4. Read some of Ezra in the sunshine and marvel at the God of heaven sorting kings out so they help the temple be rebuilt. Long for more change and anticipate the wonder of Christmas to come.

5. Buy some socks, cozy pretty ones.

6. Listen to some awesome music.

7. Await arrival of lush friends in a camper van. (or some such friend like activity.)

8. Buy a composter and do some Saturday garden activity.

9. Anticipate the joy of X factor in the evening.

10. Realise that it’s only 2.30 and there is so much more of this day to be enjoyed.


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Arriving to a palatial holiday home for the week, the sunshine, French supermarkets, endless games of contract whist, bad films, the sunshine, wine, more wine, wine on the terrace, wine in French village squares in the shade, wine in beautiful restaurants, Sarah’s cute giggling fits and her generosity- “this one is on me”, the waiters wonderful French accent explaining the even more wonderful food on offer, chats, snorts of laughter from reading our books, random Narnia quoting moments, Sarah saving us from the bat, Phil and Katie, Phil’s slight obsession with the drink hour of the day, walking and talking with Katie in the morning sunshine, walks around sleepy French villages, ice cream, du pain, du vin et du boursin, ‘rest’ days, church, Psalm 130, vineyards, sunflowers, sunshine, scrabble, chocolate, tea, aperitif hour, picnics in the field, lazy mornings, random dream sharing, more sunshine, talking about James, talking about heaven, reading some more books.

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Winning the fight to get the Bible out of the bag. Glad of the results. This song on the way home.

“Ring the bells that still can ring, forget your perfect offering, there is a crack, a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in.” (Leonard Cohen: Anthem)

Chatting about God in the sunshine. Reading over old e-mails from my Brother. Glad of his answer to an age old question of mine:

Qu: “What does God really think of me/us/the church?”- Answer: He loves you, He loves us. He loves the church. Christ died for you, he died for us, he died for the church so we would be his perfect bride.”

It’s as simple and as beautiful as that. Sitting on the back step tonight with a beer mulling on it all with the One who loves me most. Bliss.

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Breakfast on our back step in the sunshine. Lunch in a similar fashion.  The walk of destiny at Chichester’s last CU meeting. All we do is incomplete. One day we will be home. Damien Rice being the perfect accompaniment driving back tonight.

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Sitting in the park on the phone to Roz, the sounds of Brighton in the background, seagulls, children playing and a random man playing the penny whistle.  Reading exactly what I need to know with some students. “Since, through God’s mercy, we have this ministry, we do not lose heart.” Sitting on the train, seeing the pretty sun lighting up bluebells and other purpley type flowers on the way home. Thinking, it’s time to be thankful for those kind of details again. Wanting to fight the weariness and finish this race well.

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This week has been a strange one in the world of Hoveactually. Illness has bound me to the sofa, memories of this time a year ago have made me muse, and the constant sunshine has made me smile and think that something might be ok after all.

Things of note this week:

It’s been a year since the lovely James Meagher went Home. Quite apart from the strangeness of the passing of time, it’s weird that it’s been a year. We wonder how we cope with life, how people manage to keep walking through the pain of this world. And there is no quick answer, sometimes it’s like walking through the rain on a windy day, head down, face set and just the effort of putting one foot in front of the other. This life has many of those moments in it. Thankfully they are tempered by the times when the sun shines through the clouds, or even when the rain eases up a little.

I always turn to Martyn Joesph at these times:

“Sometimes I’m tired of the struggle, sometimes I’m tired of this face.
We shall overcome, just like the man said.
We’re walking on , we are walking. We’re walking on, just like the man said.”
“And though the bleak sky is burdened, I’ll pray anyway,
And though irony’s drained me, I’ll now try sincere,
And whoever it was that brought me here, will have to take me home.”

I’ve therefore been pondering the resurrection a whole lot more this week. It’s the one thing to hold onto. I have so many questions, so many things I don’t understand about this world and faith in it’s Maker. But I do know that He lived, died and rose. And that makes all the difference in this crazy world. Eternity is out there. Now we walk through valleys of shadows, one day we’ll be home.

Being ill is fairly rubbish, even for a little while, but when you wake up and your head is clear, your body has stopped aching and the sun is shining, the relief is wonderful. Times that by a million billion and you’ll not even come close to the sense of relief when we stand on the new earth, sun streaming on our faces, and the sure knowledge that we have come home.

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