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Pushing up my window to a sunny Saturday morning. Clearing, sorting, cleaning and stocking followed. Hearing of someone actually getting to do what they really wanted to and were so made to do, awakened again to a God who does work in our lives. Grin. Night in with housemate, amazing salad, wine and Saturday night TV. Happy sigh.


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Waking up in a sunny village far far from anywhere, feeling like I’d been away for years. Morning stroll through the village. Thinking we must be old as we head out for the day at 10am. Big fat sky, big fat beaches, lunch on the sand dunes, beach huts, cream tea and back to the cottage for sleepy book time. Meal out with Sarah and Anna. 30 years celebrated. Foretastes of banquets to come. Amusing questions. Later, midnight thought filing.

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