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Enjoying a day off, tennis with Mum, good food and chat. Sitting in a chair with a cup of tea and dunking biscuits, the best kind of blissful relaxation. The thought of only 2 more days of work and then nothing for 4 whole days. Genius.


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Talking about the brilliant hope we have. Seeing some people smile and seem to really get it. Popping in on Mum and Dad on the way home for more hugs and fun. Home to the other family, good food, wine and more fun.

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Mum hugs.

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Early morning beach trip. Sitting talking to the Maker. Mum, Dad, the feeling of contentment that only family can bring, not having to say anything, saying anything that comes into my head, walking the  downs, reciting the old familiar Arnold silliness at each other. Parent hugs. The best kind.  At nine in the evening- “I think I’ll go to bed now”. Fresh clean sheets await me.

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