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Following on from my well recieved (amongst some quarters at least) “you know you’re a Staff Worker when…”. I was driving home tonight and several thoughts came to mind. I share them with you. Enjoy at your leisure, any complaints can be made to the usual address…

You know you’re not a UCCF Staff Worker when…

You find yourself in one place, for an entire month.

You don’t drive to 10 different places in one week.

You’ve slept in your own bed for an entire month.

You haven’t been to 5 conferences already and show no sign of freshers flu, or trench foot from the mud at Forum.

At the end of the day when you mentally calculate the hours you’ve spent with students, you realise that it doesn’t matter, it’s not your job anymore.

You fill your car with petrol every 2 weeks instead of every 2 days.

You suddenly have free evenings, free evenings, to play, to see friends, to get involved with church.

Doing Bible Study seems like fun, not work.

You find yourself thinking, oo maybe I will put some Christian music on the ipod, I haven’t heard any for a while.

(to be fair, there are a whole lot more things I could write that I really do miss about not being on Staff anymore, I miss the people, the banter, the talking to people who have way bigger brains than me who love Jesus way more than I do who inspire me to more…)


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Tonight is my last night in Fallowfield Crescent. It’s a strange feeling to be departing from this place that I have loved for four very very happy years. It’s been one of the best places I have ever lived, if not the best place I’ve ever lived. I’ve made some of the closest friends I have here and I’ve hung out, shared the love, had a brilliant place to live and work for all of the years in my current job. In short it’s been incredible. Last night I sat around with my current housemates and we relived the phases we’ve been through as a house, the knitting years, the hustle era, bagel lunches in front of Neighbours, the davina madness, Martin the cat, discovering House, and the endless reams of Friends episodes watched. I’ve lived here with Birgitte, Lizzi and Bodil over the years and it’s been a house that has welcomed others in, Cathy has her own key and we love inviting people over for wine and fun.

Tomorrow all that changes. Fallowfield will still be here, the magic will live on, Lizzi and Bodil and whoever moves in will carry on being hospitable, loving and enjoying life here. I will be moving to Hollingbury, not near Hove at all, in fact the very title of this blog will come into question tomorrow as I move across to Brighton. I’ll be living with Lou, Kev and Larry, we’ve had this crazy idea that God wants us to live as family together and to welcome all around us into that family. That He wants us to serve the community of Hollingbury, get to know them, be part of them and love them. That He wants us to live with each others interests as more important than our own and put aside the stuff of this world to serve others. To point others to the reality of Him. (Read Philippians 1 and 2 for actual proof of this.)

And so we’re going, I’m going to attempt to squeeze my vast amount of stuff into a room 2/3rds smaller than the size of this one (check out my fraction ability Dad :-). We’re going to attempt to live as family, not just being individuals living in a house but caring for each other, loving one another and welcoming all into our mad house. I’m excited and terrified. I’m scared and I’m loving this feeling of stepping over the cliff edge. We won’t have internet for a while but I’ll update you all on how it’s going when we do… Pictures included… I’m glad we’re not doing it alone, I’m glad we have a God who will help us love each other, forgive each other and keep on having hope because of His work in this world. I’m glad that this is only possible through Jesus and his example. And now I’m going to sleep. There is a long day ahead tomorrow as the beginning of this crazy journey starts.

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Picking up the girls, driving fun in the sun. Arriving at the lush cottage and many ooos and ahhs later heading out to walk to the beach. Enjoying pottering around the picturesque little village, seeing the windmill and watching the sun slowly descend down the sky. Searching for fish and chips, finding them in style in a nearby pub. Bed.

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fowl1.pngToday was about remembering, but also about lots of fun, we went to Middle Farm and saw lambs, piglets, ducks, calves, cows, chickens, lamas and best of all broody hens with their chickens tucked away under their feathers. Mm. Cute. This was our favourite. The ones we saw weren’t as posh as this one, but still…

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Jump on the bandwagon


Ok, so everyone* is noticing it, and blogging about it, and being amused by it. But it’s so deliciously fun. I always knew the West Wing was real. 🙂 One day it would be fun to write an thesis on the nature of being human as reflected by the West Wing. For now enjoy the overly talked about similarity between series 7 and the current US elections.

*’Everyone’ being a pejorative term, and only really including West Wing geeks like myself.

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It’s four weeks until Easter week.

This week saw the move of Neighbours to Channel 5. I haven’t watched the fair programme for a while now but I am delighted that finally after all the petitioning, Channel 5 have seen sense and you can now watch the Neighbours omnibus on a Saturday. Woop.

Tonight I baked a cake and used my lovely bread maker for the first time in about 3 years. Tomorrow morning we will awake to the smell of fresh bread. Mmm.

Things the English take for granted really aren’t that simple. For example, tonight my Danish housemate asked me about the Prince of Wales. Who is he? Why is he the Prince of Wales? Why not the Prince of England or Britain? Things got a bit more confusing when I revealed that his wife was the Duchess of Cornwall and the Queen’s husband the Duke of Edinburgh. To which she quite rightly responded, “and the Queen? What is she?”. My reply: “Just the Queen really.” If I was Stephen Fry and headed up a quite interesting quiz show I’d be able to furnish her with the answers. As it is I may ask my parents tomorrow.

Tomorrow my parents visit. This is another thing I like. Hugs, walks on the beach and the delights of people who really know me and, somewhat bizarrely, still love me. Hoorah.

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Here’s what we got up to this fine Sunday afternoon. The sun made us smile today and so it was only right that we had some time playing in it. Fortunately this coincided with the arrival of several tons of wood on Hove beach. Read to see the slightly unfortunate tale of how it ended up there. We particularly enjoyed the creativity of others:


I like that whenever faced with a large amount of building material our natural instinct is to create something with it. So, inspired by the model Brighton pier we decided to build a fort.


Pretty cool eh? Sunny Sunday afternoons really are the best.

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