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Rearranging the furniture.

Well, here it is, my new home. Do you like it? It’s shiny and new. (small hand claps). I’ve been on a blogging holiday for the last month and have been musing on whether to carry on with this lark. In those thoughts I’ve realised all over again what I love about blogging and why I’m going to carry on. I love the ability to be creative in a public space, the very public nature of all this forcing me to attempt to write well and order my thoughts in some constructive way. This is a genius medium to express myself in. I can put down thoughts in a vaguely coherent manner, test out ideas from this random mind of mine and have some fun along the way.

I like this new start, I like pretty wordpress blogs and I like that the point of this isn’t to do anything worthy or attract anyones attention. (yeah I know, deep down I want the adulation of the world but that’s another story entirely.) I’m looking forward to what follows, be it quotes, clips, ideas, musings, amusing moments, everyday moments, bits of my life and more. Mainly because I’ve discovered the best audience of these things is me. If that sounds a little egocentric I apologise. Really this is just a good space to plonk all of the things I like, think and enjoy, in a aesthetically pleasing format that is easier to access than my endless computer files. The whole thing is enjoyable to read through again and hopefully fun for anyone else who passes by. So if you are passing, welcome in, the keys are yours, make yourself a cup of tea and kick back on the sofa. Just turn the lights off when you leave.


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