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Waking up in a sunny village far far from anywhere, feeling like I’d been away for years. Morning stroll through the village. Thinking we must be old as we head out for the day at 10am. Big fat sky, big fat beaches, lunch on the sand dunes, beach huts, cream tea and back to the cottage for sleepy book time. Meal out with Sarah and Anna. 30 years celebrated. Foretastes of banquets to come. Amusing questions. Later, midnight thought filing.


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Running on a open sandy Hove beach early in the morning, the sun sparkling off the sea, the ocean making it’s nifty little swishing sound, the cheery hello’s to other people on the beach and the knowledge that each morning the mercies are new. As new, bright and shiny as the sun as it rises and the smooth sand of the beach as the waves erase the mess of the night before. And talking to my Anna tonight on the phone, about everything, nothing, little things, big things and loving being known.

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Relief that I’m not really that mental after all. Enjoying the sunshine and exercise kick this morning. Binface, B, Brighton beach and pretty singing. The first shakeaway of the year. Nutella and malted milk biscuits. Mmmm.

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Early morning beach trip. Sitting talking to the Maker. Mum, Dad, the feeling of contentment that only family can bring, not having to say anything, saying anything that comes into my head, walking the  downs, reciting the old familiar Arnold silliness at each other. Parent hugs. The best kind.  At nine in the evening- “I think I’ll go to bed now”. Fresh clean sheets await me.

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It’s four weeks until Easter week.

This week saw the move of Neighbours to Channel 5. I haven’t watched the fair programme for a while now but I am delighted that finally after all the petitioning, Channel 5 have seen sense and you can now watch the Neighbours omnibus on a Saturday. Woop.

Tonight I baked a cake and used my lovely bread maker for the first time in about 3 years. Tomorrow morning we will awake to the smell of fresh bread. Mmm.

Things the English take for granted really aren’t that simple. For example, tonight my Danish housemate asked me about the Prince of Wales. Who is he? Why is he the Prince of Wales? Why not the Prince of England or Britain? Things got a bit more confusing when I revealed that his wife was the Duchess of Cornwall and the Queen’s husband the Duke of Edinburgh. To which she quite rightly responded, “and the Queen? What is she?”. My reply: “Just the Queen really.” If I was Stephen Fry and headed up a quite interesting quiz show I’d be able to furnish her with the answers. As it is I may ask my parents tomorrow.

Tomorrow my parents visit. This is another thing I like. Hugs, walks on the beach and the delights of people who really know me and, somewhat bizarrely, still love me. Hoorah.

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Here’s what we got up to this fine Sunday afternoon. The sun made us smile today and so it was only right that we had some time playing in it. Fortunately this coincided with the arrival of several tons of wood on Hove beach. Read to see the slightly unfortunate tale of how it ended up there. We particularly enjoyed the creativity of others:


I like that whenever faced with a large amount of building material our natural instinct is to create something with it. So, inspired by the model Brighton pier we decided to build a fort.


Pretty cool eh? Sunny Sunday afternoons really are the best.

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