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Today I got up at silly o’clock in the morning to wave my aformentioned brother and sister in law and small nephew off at the airport. They are off on an exciting journey to Canada, Regent college in Vancouver gets the pleasure of their company for the next few years. It’s brilliant for many many reasons, not least my lovely Big Brother gets to do what he has always wanted to do, and lets face it, was made to do. I am a Very Proud sister, not least because he goes with his lovely wife and son and that makes me Very Proud of him as well.  I’ve always wanted to go to Canada and now I have even more good reasons to head out there.

Obviously I’m very sad as well, I love Mark and Roz and Matthew. They are my family, but thankfully we have a good Maker who made people who could invent skype and webcams and 3 years isn’t that long really.  They aren’t my possessions to hold on to, they are loving gifts of a brilliant Dad who loves me and who is our strength and refuge through all this. He’s got good plans for them and I’m glad.


“May the road rise up to meet you.
May the wind always be at your back.
May the sun shine warm upon your face,
and rains fall soft upon your fields.
And until we meet again,
May God hold you in the palm of His hand”

His hands are the best to be in.

Bruce Springsteen also says it well…

“On through the houses of the dead past those fallen in their tracks
Always movin’ ahead and never lookin’ back
Now I don’t know how I feel, I don’t know how I feel tonight
If I’ve fallen ‘neath the wheel, if I’ve lost or I’ve gained sight
I don’t even know why, I don’t why I made this call
Or if any of this matters anymore after all

But the stars are burnin’ bright like some mystery uncovered
I’ll keep movin’ through the dark with you in my heart
My blood brother”

We have a God who is in charge of all this and who has good plans for the future. Whose mercies are new each morning, whose grace is ridiculous in it’s power and scope. He has washed us clean. He has set our times in his hands, He is always glad to hear our cries, He understands the language of tears and of laughter, He is our shade, our Helper, our Friend and our King.  He set us free and He calls us to explore this world, love the broken, hold out light and beauty and the pathway back home.  There’s a whole world out there of newness to experience and we are free to trust the one who knows the future and who holds us in his hands.



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Back to quotes?

Life is due to get pretty strange around these parts in the next week. Thus to keep the black dog in the corner I think quote week should begin. This first offering from Jars of Clay:

“Collapsing was much softer
Still falling always hurt
Only after sensing your love
For always ever burned

You justified my folly
My affluent disguise
Removed revealing nothing
Yet nothing unforgiven lies
Unforgiven lies

No one loves me like you
No one loves me the way you do
No one loves me like you
No one loves me the way, the way that you do

To touch the rose unfearful
Is to meet the thorn
And pierce the hearts emotion
And feel the emptiness no more
Emptiness no more”

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Today at church (that’s seven of us in our living room) we reflected on the cross, heartbroken we realised again the enormity of what Jesus has done for us. We felt the darkness of that moment. At the end we pondered that it was right to feel the weight of the darkness but also taste some of the hope we have. This video is a little cheesy but makes the point very clearly. It is Friday. But Sunday is coming. We do know the end of the story. We lament today. But we do so knowing that a glimmer of light is flickering on the horizon. It’s Friday. But Sunday is coming.. 

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“A couple of years ago we took our bicycles down to Newhaven, crossed by ferry to Northern France and spent a few enjoyable days pedalling from town to town along the river valleys. Our last day was set aside to explore the port of Dieppe before recrossing the channel that evening.

Just after lunch we entered the cool interior of a big church near the centre of the town. I lost touch with the others for a while, but after a few minutes I discovered Katy, aged four starting at a life size sculpture of Mary, the mother of Jesus, holding her sons death body in her arms and looking into his face with an expression of real pain and loss.

Katy turned and saw me. “Daddy why has Jesus got a hole in his side?” Stumblingly, I explained that a Roman spear had been responsible. Katy was horrified. She studied the sculpture again. “Daddy he’s got holes in his feet. Why has he got holes in his feet?” “Look” I pointed to a small crucifix on the wall above us. “They nailed his feet to that piece of wood called a cross, and those are the holes where the nails were.”  “Nailed his feet?”

She turned to look at the stone figures again. Her voice broke a little as she spoke. “Daddy he’s got holes in his hands as well, they didn’t nail his hands as well did they?” Sadly, I explained. Katy moved closer to the sculpture put her arm around Jesus and rested her face down on his knee.

Suddenly I longed to go back to the time when I first understood that Jesus died for me and it really hurt, before I covered my faith in words and worries. I wanted to be like a child again.”

Adrian Plass

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No Line on the Horizon


The new U2 album. Wibblying guitars, interesting lyrics, beautiful lush voices, musical landscapes, Larry’s splash cymbal once again, funked up noise and more.  Less accessible than the last but better for it.  Just my opinion you understand. Best listened to turned up loud. I like it, but meh everyone has a view on this one.


This one is a Good Read. It might make you cry. It might frustrate you with the lack of nice neat answers with little bows wrapped around them but you’ll be better off for it. He manages that weird trick of asking the deepest most painful questions but still retaining faith and love for this God who is fairly incomprehensible at times. It’s a rambling book of thoughts, good to peer in at a big brain thinking those thoughts.

Here’s a bit:

“It seems, indeed, that it is precisely those who have the closest relationship with God who feel most at liberty to pour out their pain and protest to God without fear of reproach. Lament is not only allowed in the Bible; it is modeled for us in abundance. God seems to want to give us as many words with which to fill in our complaint forms as to write our thank you notes. Perhaps this is because whatever amount of lament the world causes us to express is a drop in the ocean compared to the grief in the heart of God himself at the totality of suffering that only God can comprehend.”

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“Most of us are crawling about in a stuffy attic, trying to explain life, demanding to be right, doing our best to relieve pain, and wondering where God is.  It is time to find our way back to the living room  and into our Father’s arms, where we can listen to his Spirit tell the story of Christ.”

“The world is too bad a place – and far too uncertain- to build a home and count on enjoying it. But it’s a perfect place to find God.”

Both from Larry Crabb- Finding God.

That last quote feels especially real tonight. In a world covered in snow, the white perfect beauty covering over the dark, we heard a story of  brokenness and pain. The contrasts in this world are sometimes too much to bear. There is so much pain, how can we carry on? There is so much beauty how can we still breathe?

Breathless we stand and wait, breathless we realise again that this world is not our home. Breathless we wait, seeking the touch of Another in our lives, echoing through the silent streets of white beauty draws our hearts to more and we ache. We stand breathless and we ache.

Come Lord Jesus. Come.

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Well that’s all folks. January is over. Just Feburary to get through and then it might be spring, just write in if you are up for a welcome in the Spring party with me and Binface. Quotes and the usual meandering thoughts will continue in a more sporadic way. But for now…

“Lord, support us all day long of this troublous life, until the shadows lengthen and the evening comes and the busy world is hushed, the fever of life is over and our work is done. Then, Lord, in Thy mercy, grant us and those we love safe lodging, and holy rest and peace at the last.”

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