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So, I made it to the end of my 31 days of thankfulness. Hereby I declare Feburary and May as months to be thankful and not months of grumpy Kath, as they always turn out to be. It’s been a good month for kicking in the face of the darkness that threatens to shroud my brain at times. And although it hasn’t been a perfect month there have been shiny moments of joy in amongst the random tired times. I’m not going to give up on being thankful for the details, I just might not regal you (whoever you are) with my tales of sunshine and wine.

One of the genius things about this whole relapse into the world of 365ing is that I now have a tag cloud that fully represents who I am (facebook readers, you’ll have to actually, like, check out the blog at somepoint). All the essentials are there: Jesus, tea, questions, maker, sunshine, wine, beer, friends, family, dreams, rain, musings, cake, chocolate, laughing, fun, beach. I think that’s a pretty fair reflection of KathArnold.

Back to normal blogging again. And to steal a line from Bright Eyes: “Into the caverns of tomorrow with just our flashlights and our love, we must plunge, we must plunge, we must plunge.” See you in there.


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Pushing up my window to a sunny Saturday morning. Clearing, sorting, cleaning and stocking followed. Hearing of someone actually getting to do what they really wanted to and were so made to do, awakened again to a God who does work in our lives. Grin. Night in with housemate, amazing salad, wine and Saturday night TV. Happy sigh.

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The utter, utter hilarity of the letting agent today. Really, are you SURE you want this dump? Really? The buzz, the fear, the joy, the insanity, the feeling of free fall as we jump. Telling all this to Binface and walking through London smiling like a grinning idiot this evening.

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Tennis, cake and chats with the Hopkins. A night of remembering why I will miss students, where else could I get paid to hang out, eat a good BBQ, watch and comment on Britain’s got talent and round off the evening with a few games of mafia with quality student banter?

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On a generally rubbish day some gems that stood out: My new family, good comedy times, explaining the plan, praying about the plan, laughing and glad to be part of the whole shebang. Writing down the plan making me excited about it all over again. Glad of a God who loves me anyway. Coming home to Lizzi, wine and cake.

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Playing on Cathy’s wii. Genius fun. Banter with the Hollingbury crew.

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More pottering, more looking at pretty pictures of beautiful sky and sea, more amazing food and views. Big thanks to Sarah for making it all possible. DJ Anna on the drive home. Driving into my road feeling like I’d been away for a month rather than 4 days.

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