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One man and a tunnel.

hindhead_14.jpgOver the last few months excitement has built up in the Arnold family as finally the tunnel project my Dad has been working on has started to be built. To understand the significance of this you have to go back to about 20 years ago when Dad first started working on the scheme. Yes. 20 years ago. I think Dad might have had a happier life if he’d have just got paid to bang his head against a brick wall for 20 years. After many starting and stopping it’s finally being done and I am proud of my Dad. He project manages this scheme. And if you clicky click here you’ll see his tunnel and about 30 seconds of him saying something about boring machines (hehe).


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There has to be an outlet for my random meanderings. (well there doesn’t have to be, that’s more of a wish thing. But bear with me…) Here is as good a place as any to swirl the thoughts of my brain around.  So some from the last week for future recollection, fear not, they are not particularly profound.

I like boys. (see not profound at all).  My life has become lacking in boys recently and I’m glad to see that trend being reversed, on the whole they are lots of fun.

I love praying when it really is just about talking to God and not impressing the people around you. Times when you laugh a lot at the random stuff that comes out of our heads sometimes and people do things as simple as tell Jesus they love Him. (note to self, start really praying like that more often.)

I’m not sure REM’s new album is a return to form. It’s better than the in parts tedious Around the Sun, but it’s nowhere near as good as In Time and Automatic. I could be wrong. The guitars are loud and fast and that is swaying me to be kind to it.

It turns out there is a God who is at work in this world. Three conversations already this week have made me smile at seeing His work in peoples lives and hearts. I sense the words privilege-to-do-this-job rising to the surface so I’ll hastily carry on before I skip further down the path of jargon phrases.

This one is for Anna H: We’ve got to bring people to the fountain of life, and we’ve got to be drinking deeply ourselves. There is no point just running cups of water to people without drinking ourselves, there is no point people being dependant on us. There is every point in bringing people to Jesus and watching as they encounter him and are changed.

There really is no better way to spend your Saturday than a walk in the wind on the downs, downing cups of tea, watching Top Gear repeats and then feasting on a banquet of lush food. Mmmm.

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