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This week is Sussex CU’s mission week. For the uninitiated, that’s a week of events attempting to explain why it is that lots of people choose to follow this bloke called Jesus, how it is that we’ve stumbled across the answer to the question and whose earth we happen to be living on. There’s a whole load of good reasons why we do this and a whole load of reasons why it’s true Truth for all. Go here if you want to know them. It’s a good week, it’s a fun week, and it’s flipping hard week. Mainly because the scoffers come scoffing, as Peter points out they will. Today they did in force. It’s hard to convince anyone that this world was made by someone else. That He runs it and gets to make the rules. It’s hard to explain that the Makers ways are like waking up after a bad dream, like the brightness after a rainy day. I wonder if I believed that more it would be easier to explain. I want to sit down with people, explain that it’s different to what they think, I want to take all those people that scoffed today and help them get at what we are really saying, and not just what they think we are saying. But at the end of the day they still might laugh in my face and tell me I’m crazy.

I’m told that’s what to expect. But that doesn’t make it any easier to deal with. Believing something that the majority of people in the same culture and country as you don’t believe is hard. Living it out with integrity is harder. Noah must have had it so bad. But at the end of today I still believe. I’m stuck with the one who has the words of eternal life and I really believe that everyone needs to come to Jesus for real life. He is the author of reality and the only way to real knowledge. I’m starting to see why Jesus sighed a lot whilst he was down here in peoples faces and still facing unbelief. I’m starting to feel the heartbreak of the words of John. “Though he came to his own they didn’t know him”. At least there is hope for all that do come to the fountain of living water, we can drink and live.


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Kath’s strange dreamland pt1

So, I’m in a giant room, somewhere it has become obvious that my brother and his wife have had two sets of twins. All boys. The eldest two both look like my brothers early baby photos.  I’m helping them look after them. Until I decide it’s time to see a Korean dictator who happens to be in a small side room. I go into this room and see the dictator (he didn’t give his name) before me, a translator is sitting to one side. I say “Hi, how are you?” (well what else do you say to an evil dictator?). We chat through his translator and I ask some questions and we have a generally pleasant time (Kath, able to get on with anyone…). Eventually they decide I have asked too many questions and have to stay the night in Prison.

By this point Mark and Roz are asking where I have gone and calling out for help with their many babies (they have a cool pram with about 4 places to put all the babies). Some of my other friends with babies have also turned up with crying children. I explain that I have to spend the night in jail because I have asked too many questions of the Korean dictator and then am shown to some stairs going down and given a fluffy blue towel to take with me for my night in jail.

Anyone fancy interpreting that?

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Here’s what we got up to this fine Sunday afternoon. The sun made us smile today and so it was only right that we had some time playing in it. Fortunately this coincided with the arrival of several tons of wood on Hove beach. Read to see the slightly unfortunate tale of how it ended up there. We particularly enjoyed the creativity of others:


I like that whenever faced with a large amount of building material our natural instinct is to create something with it. So, inspired by the model Brighton pier we decided to build a fort.


Pretty cool eh? Sunny Sunday afternoons really are the best.

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Rearranging the furniture.

Well, here it is, my new home. Do you like it? It’s shiny and new. (small hand claps). I’ve been on a blogging holiday for the last month and have been musing on whether to carry on with this lark. In those thoughts I’ve realised all over again what I love about blogging and why I’m going to carry on. I love the ability to be creative in a public space, the very public nature of all this forcing me to attempt to write well and order my thoughts in some constructive way. This is a genius medium to express myself in. I can put down thoughts in a vaguely coherent manner, test out ideas from this random mind of mine and have some fun along the way.

I like this new start, I like pretty wordpress blogs and I like that the point of this isn’t to do anything worthy or attract anyones attention. (yeah I know, deep down I want the adulation of the world but that’s another story entirely.) I’m looking forward to what follows, be it quotes, clips, ideas, musings, amusing moments, everyday moments, bits of my life and more. Mainly because I’ve discovered the best audience of these things is me. If that sounds a little egocentric I apologise. Really this is just a good space to plonk all of the things I like, think and enjoy, in a aesthetically pleasing format that is easier to access than my endless computer files. The whole thing is enjoyable to read through again and hopefully fun for anyone else who passes by. So if you are passing, welcome in, the keys are yours, make yourself a cup of tea and kick back on the sofa. Just turn the lights off when you leave.

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Well, you know, just in case you were wondering…

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