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Of interest.

I think I am now compelled to at least write something here each night, fear not, I probably won’t, but 365ing has made me slightly addicted to these words on the screen. This here made me dance inside tonight (go read). I like this man and his thinking. A refreshing tonic to my soul in the land of evangelical subcultures, branded worldviews, being told what to think about many things and a welcome kick against the notion that we should be attached to a list of tribal labels in our expression of faith in the living and true God.


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So, my 365 days of paying attention to detail has come to an end, read it over here. It feels strange to sit here and not write about the cool things that happened today, about how lovely friends came to play for the day, of how we sang songs, ate pie and had the first Shakeaway of the year, about how good Bank Holidays are. Maybe this blog will take over on that front and record more good stuff, or maybe it will be good just to enjoy things and not write about them. It’s been fun, thanks to Becci for the idea in the first place, and if you haven’t tried it, give it a go, there is beauty everywhere, it’s fun discovering it.

As for this blog. Fishing has been fun, being away from the screen has been fun, but I might frequent these pages a little more now. Bed now though.

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